Day 22 – A Long Day

Today Brennen went back in for another visit in the clinic for chemo. It turned out to be a much longer day than we anticipated due to high volume of children and him needing a blood transfusion.

Brennen did really well again as they accessed his Mediport. One of the child life specialists named Joy was there and had distracted Brennen so much that he didn’t even know that they did it.

He was able to do a craft that Kary Klock from our church had given him. He was able to share an extra one with one of the girls having treatment as well.

We had a really nice visit from Michael Cox, a fellow pastor. We are so grateful for everybody who has been an encouragement to us.

As I was sitting in the clinic my heart was heavy for all of the other families that are going through treatment for different kinds of cancer. One little girl was just diagnosed today while another little girl has only 2 more treatments. It reminds me that cancer does not discriminate on race, sex, or age.

Please pray for Brennen as he will be having a bone marrow biopsy next week and we will know the results on January 12. Those results determine the next step in his treatment plan. We are praying that the chemotherapy is working and that he will not need a bone marrow transplant.

Soli Deo Gloria

Day 18 – Merry Christmas

I have always been grateful for the times to be together at Christmas but this Christmas is a little extra special.

After being a family divided a couple weeks ago when Brennen was in the hospital I’m thankful the Lord has protected him from any fevers or anything else that would send us back in the hospital.

Sometimes when I look at Brennan and see him laughing and playing with his siblings I’m grateful for the strength he has today.

2000 years ago Mary and Joseph knew the future of their son and yet continue to walk by faith and not by sight. Today, Jenny and I don’t know the future of our son and we seek to follow in Mary and Joseph’s footsteps and to trust our Lord’s good plan.

Happy Christmas!

Day 15 – 1st Clinic Visit

Today was Brennen’s first visit to the clinic for chemo. It was also the first time that he was awake to have his mediport accessed (last time was after surgery and he was asleep).

We were given a numbing cream that we put on 30 minutes before his appointment. The nurses said he did an amazing job letting them insert the needle. It would be hard for any of us to watch them stick a needle in your chest while saying, “you won’t feel anything.” 🙂

His ANC (ability to fight of infection) has dropped so we have to be even more cautious about him being around people. That’s especially hard with this week being Christmas.

After a couple different kinds of chemo were given we were off to get our always-hungry boy some Chipotle and enjoy it at the park while getting some fresh air.



We Are Home!


After a couple kinds of chemo and a procedure to put chemo in his spine this morning Brennen was released from the hospital! We are thankful to be back together as a family and that he has been feeling pretty good. He has minor pain and discomfort, which we are trying to manage. He is still getting used to having the Mediport in as well as taking the needed medicine at home.

IMG_5670 While in the hospital Brennen was asked to help reveal the new name of the hospital at a big press conference. He was excited and also nervous about being in front of all the people and cameras but had a good time. He was excited to see himself on the news and to get to meet the hospital mascot, George the Giraffe. The same day he was also able to meet Daniel the Tiger from PBS. 


We are scheduled to go back to Fresno the following two Mondays for a clinic visit where he will have blood tests and receive more chemo. The 300 mile roundtrip trek will be getting old soon but we are thankful for a dependable van, cheaper gas prices, and good care at Children’s Hospital. On January 5th he will have another bone marrow biopsy and that will determine what the next phase is in his treatment will be.

Please pray that Lord will protect him from any sickness that could potentially send him back into the hospital. We are coming into cold & flu season so we have to be very careful with his immune system being weak and compromised.

Thank you very much for your prayers and encouragement as we walk this “scary adventure” (Brennen’s words) in which the Lord is leading us.


Diagnosis Day

It’s been over two months that we’ve been praying for God to give wisdom to the doctors regarding the unknown bone marrow issues going on in Brennen’s body. Today, we went back for another bone marrow biopsy and it was clear to even Jenny and I as we saw the results. Brennen was officially diagnosed with Leukemia (A.L.L.-B). He will begin treatment Monday morning.

Please remember Brennen and family in prayer as we begin walking down this road. We are confident that we do not walk it alone. God is good and faithful and we trust his plan.