Half-Way There and Just Began!

IMG_5227 IMG_5233 Bren_Blkt
I realize that the title sounds kind of confusing but today at 1:00p Brennen finished his 24-hour chemo. When they finished, they took a blood sample to see a baseline idea of the remaining chemo in his bloodstream. To be able to be released, the chemo content has to be below .10.

At this point the last 2 times he’s had this chemo his number was .80 & .68. Today, it is 39!!! What that means is that his body is handling the chemo really well! So well, that it was just about 1/2 of the content on a previous treatment and there’s a chance he might be released tomorrow (Thursday)!

Time and again Brennen’s body has done very well and we praise God for it.

Thank you for praying for Brennen. As you can see by the photos, his spirits have been up and he has sure IMG_5246appreciated the visits from Diane Bohan, pilots from NAS Lemoore, Tyler, Becca Cheney, and Cameron & Allie Thaxton. The visits sure help time pass more quickly.

Please continue to that Brennen will not have mouth sores and that he will have a good attitude while in the hospital.

Round #3

Today Brennen begins his 3rd round of this 24-hour chemo. A procedure, in which they put him to sleep and put chemo in his spine, is to take place at 10:00a (PST) and then the 24-hour chemo will begin sometime this afternoon/early evening. Please continue to pray that God will protect Brennen’s organs and keep him from mouth sores.

As we have been going through this trial with Brennen we know there are many around us going through difficult trials of their own. On Sunday, Jenny sang a song entitled “Mercy Awaits” that God has used to greatly encourage us in this trial. The chorus of the song says:

“I trust in Your love everlasting
I cling to Your unfailing grace
In seasons of sorrow and blessing
I give You my pain and my praise
Your undying mercy awaits.”

God is able and faithful to lead us through the difficult times as a way to test and grow our fight in Him. Yet, in the midst of challenges in our lives we often forget the goodness of God. I am thankful for the second verse when it reminds us:

How soon I forget the gifts that You give
And focus on that which You take.

May God use this song to encourage you to trust Him through the challenges in your own life. Soli Deo Gloria

Check out all of Enfield’s great music HERE

Only God

Yesterday, Brennen went to San Luis Obispo for a blood test to see if his body had recovered enough to go in for another inpatient treatment next week. His ANC (ability to fight off infection) needed to be above 750 and it was 4,000! We are thankful for how God has been protecting and strengthening Brennen’s body, even during some intense chemotherapy.

Jenny and I would like to thank all of you for praying for us. Your prayers have been a great encouragement to Brennen and to us. We know many of you have sacrificed sleep and other things to pray for Brennen. It means a lot when we can tell Brennen, “This person is praying for you right now.” We believe God has been answering our prayers!

Please be praying next week as Brennen will go in on Monday, begin treatment with a procedure on Tuesday morning, and then the 24-hour chemo will start sometime Tuesday afternoon/evening.

Did You Know?
– 1 in 285 children will be diagnosed with cancer.
– 43 children per day or 15,780 children per year are expected to be diagnosed with cancer.
– The average age at diagnosis is 6 years old, while adults’ average age for cancer diagnosis is 66.
– Childhood cancer is not one disease – there are 16 major types of pediatric cancers and over 100 subtypes.

Going Home!


 We were so thankful to hear the word from the doctor this morning that Brennen could go home!

Maybe an enjoyable visit with his cousins as well as Marcus and Catherine yesterday helped him be active and get the chemo out. visitor sure help pass the time. 🙂 You can definitely tell by the picture that he’s not lacking in energy. 

We are thankful that another round of this chemo is done and we can be home together again. We have next week off and then we do the same treatment again the following week. 

Thank you for praying this week is Brennan has been receiving treatment. Please continue to pray that God will keep Brennen from having the mouth sores and nausea. 

Please pray that Jenny and Brennen make it home safely. Highway 41 and 46 are mostly to Lane and often people get impatient and try passing cars when they shouldn’t.  

The Waiting Game

IMG_6713Just after 9:00 last night Brennen finished his 24-hour chemo. Now we wait for the level of chemo in his bloodstream to drop below .10%. The first couple blood tests seem to be showing that his body isn’t putting the chemo out as quickly as last time. Please continue to pray that the levels will drop and he will be able to come home soon.

Brennen has been feeling okay. He hasn’t had much of an appetite and that could be due to feeling a bit nauseous or some other reason. He has a pretty good attitude but being tied to an I.V. Pole can be a bit tiresome.

IMG_5158 IMG_5154Ever wonder what is a 6-year old boy to do when waiting in the hospital and trying to no go stir crazy? Fortunately, he is at a children’s hospital so there’s some fun visitors that occasionally stop by. Today, a few “friends” from the Fresno Zoo were at the school room and Brennen was able to see and pet them.

He also enjoys getting to FaceTime us back at home and his Nana & Papa in North Carolina. While it’s much better seeing him in person, technology sure is nice to help keep in touch. Yesterday he even sent an audio message to his sister and brothers.

IMG_5151Lastly, it’s not just all fun and games, there’s also the routine things that still need done like school work. Brennen is getting close to finishing up Kindergarten. He’s a quick learner and has been enjoying learning to read. He is feeling a bit spoiled this week with all the special one-on-one tutoring by the best teacher in the word: Mommy!

Please continue praying that his chemo level will drop quickly and he will be able to come home.

Take 2

At 9:00p tonight (Monday) Brennen finally started another 24-hour round of chemo. 

We praise God for how He has protected Brennen’s body from the adverse side effects and pray that He will continue during this round as well.

This trip to the hospital is little bit different than all of Brennen’s other ones because just Jenny and he took the drive to Fresno. My mom has flown into town to help care for the kids here in Cambria. As a family, we love being together so it is definitely strange not being together but we are thankful that the other kids can keep “normal” happening.

Like last time, when the chemotherapy ends we just have to wait for Brennen’s body to process the chemo out far enough for him to be released from the hospital. Please pray that God will allow his body to do it as quickly as last time.

 One thing that Brennen was really thankful for is that when he walked into his room he had one with the “twinkle stars.” From our very first time coming to Children’s Hospital we had heard that some of the rooms have special lighting installed in the ceiling to look like stars. Unfortunately, all the rooms that he is had have not had them or they have not worked. It will be interesting to see if Brennen actually sleeps at night :-).

Thank you very much to each of you who continues to pray for Brennen. God is faithful to use prayer to encourage us as a family on this journey He has ordained for us.

Ready to Go Again

Yesterday Brennen went to the clinic for a blood test to see if he could receive the next round of chemo. His ANC (ability to fight off infection) needed to be at 750+ and it was 3300! God has been overwhelmingly kind to answer our prayers for our son in this way. We are so thankful for each one of you who has been praying faithfully.

Last week we were home early from the hospital due to how quickly Brennen’s body processed the chemo out. This week he has not had any of the mouth sores that were anticipated.

I’ve been asked, “How’s Brennen doing?” and my response has been, “God has been so gracious to keep Brennen strong and active.” He continues to be able to play like most 6-year old boys and is keeping up with his schoolwork too. We praise God for all that He is doing in Brennen’s body.

Not to us, O LORD, not to us, but to your name give glory, for the sake of your steadfast love and your faithfulness! – Psalm 115:1

IMG_9162The past couple weeks we were blessed to have Miriam here helping us. She has been a great encouragement and helped with the children to allow Jenny and I to be together at the hospital at times, fix some delicious meals, and someone to have a good laugh with.

Since Brennen’s body is strong enough the chemo he will receive next week is just like that of last week, a 24-hour intense infusion. Brennen has a total of 4 of these treatments. The continued infusion of chemotherapies continue to put a strain on Brennen’s body.

Last week many of you committed to pray for Brennen during his chemo treatment. Would you consider praying again this week? We would be very grateful for your prayer and support as Brennen faces another challenging week.

Please continue to pray for:

  • Brennen’s organs to be protected during the chemo.
  • Brennen’s attitude during his time at the hospital.
  • Brennen’s heart to be turned to the Lord.
  • Safety in travel to and from Fresno.
  • The rest of the family to have patience as we are apart from one another.

Finishing Strong!


The wait began Wednesday night Brennen when finished the 24-hour chemo.

Fortunatley, when you’re at a Children’s Hospital there’s lots of fun visitors. The Fresno, CHP, and Madera Fire/Police stopped by yesterday and handed out stuffed animals.


Plus, Brennen has had some encouraging visits from new friends, family, and old friends.’

This morning we found out that we were really close to being able to go home today, a day earlier than expected! The charge nurse, Sean, was great in helping us do the things we needed to get that level down just a bit more. Brennen kept drinking as much water as he could and doing lots of exercises to help get the chemo out. And . . .we just received the clear to go home!!! IMG_6908

IMG_6915 What an amazing answer to prayer. I was going to be headed home for our Good Friday service but now we get to ALL go as a family. What a blessing.

Thank you to each of you for praying. Please continue to pray that God will keep the mouth sores away.

We have a week off and then, if his ability to fight off infection is high enough, we do this process again.

The Last Drop Has Fallen

Just a few minutes ago Brennen finished the 24-hour chemo treatment! Now we wait for the chemo level to be less than .1%. It typically takes around 3-4 days but can sometimes be less or more. Every 6 hours they draw blood to see how his body is putting it out.

God has been answering all our prayers in keeping Brennen from the nauseousness and vomiting that are often a result of this chemo. He has done great and continues to eat well too!

IMG_5087Brennen was thankful for some more visitors today that helped pass the time. Children’s hospital is a nice hospital with great staff but when you’re connected to the IV tower it can get a bit boring.

Please pray for continued strength for Brennen and that God will keep him from having the mouth sores that tend to show up in about 48 hours.

. . . Wait, wait, wait, . . . and now it’s a Go!

IMG_6792This process with Brennen has been a lot of hurrying up to wait. From the beginning of Brennen’s symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment Psalm 62:5-7 have been verses we have sought to live out:

For God alone, O my soul, wait in silence, for my hope is from him. He only is my rock and my salvation, my fortress; I shall not be shaken. On God rests my salvation and my glory; my mighty rock, my refuge is God.

Today is no different and God has tested our faith by waiting. As we waited Brennen wasn’t able to eat so he kept himself busy and distracted by doing some schoolwork, and riding the IV tree around the room (picture on the left). He was also blessed to have some wonderful visitors stop by to brighten his day!

The procedure to put chemo in Brennen’s spine that was scheduled for 10:00a happened at 12:45. Just now, 5:50p (PST) they started Brennen’s 24-hour chemo that was planned to start around Noon.

There was a carnival being put on here at the hospital but, unfortunately, since Brennen’s levels are low he couldn’t participate. Though he was disappointed he was given permission to go to the Starbucks in the hospital to get a special treat.

So now we continue to pray that God will protect Brennen from the side effects. The nauseousness and vomiting tends to present it very quickly but the mouth sores usually not until 48-72 hours afterward.

Thank you for your faithfulness in prayer. We continue to share with Brennen who is praying at different times of the day. Last I checked, there is at least one person who has committed to pray during every moment of the day/night!