We Wait . . . But Have Fun Waiting!

Last Friday Brennen went into the clinic in San Luis Obispo for a blood test to determine if he was on schedule to start the next phase yesterday (7/27). Unfortunately, his counts needed to be 750 and he was only at 198. This wasn’t a huge surprise since his levels had been very low the previous Monday and the chemo continues to pull it down. Any number under 500 shows that he doesn’t really have an immune system and we have to be very careful where he is.

As a result of the low levels, the doctor told us to just plan on not going to Fresno and to have another blood test on Thursday (30th). We’ve had these “delays” previously and know it is God’s hand showing us that Brennen’s body just needs a bit more time to recover from the past treatments before receiving more. All we can do now is wait and try to keep him away from enclosed public places that germs like to hang out and also sick people. That means no trip to the Fair this year (we just won’t tell the kids). 😦

IMG_8399So, yesterday, instead of driving to Fresno we were able to celebrate Elijah’s 3rd birthday with a trip to the beach! Even Brennen’s low levels didn’t keep him from enjoying his boogie board in the surf. After a fun day all the kids slept very well!IMG_8512

The Tale of Two Mondays

Last Monday we were in Fresno for another round of treatment. We were pretty tired from two emergency room visits to try to fight off an infection. He was scheduled to have a 3-hour chemo and be done. Unfortunately, that “3-hour tour” turned out to be much more. 

The doctors were concerned that his hemoglobin was a bit low and felt he needed a blood transfusion because the chemo he was receiving would continue to pull his body down. After finishing the chemo, waiting for blood, he received the transfusion but ended up spiking a fever during it. The fever triggered another protocol for antibiotics and required us to unexpectedly stay the night in Fresno for another antibiotic on Tuesday. When Brennen and Jenny finally left the hospital it had been 9 hours. 😦 We we’re thankful for Jenny’s sister Manda opening her home to us on such short notice. 

  Tuesday we went back for a “quick” antibiotic and it was special for Isabella to be able to join us. As Brennen was receiving the antibiotic the doctor and nurse heard some challenges in his breathing. Fortunately, it didn’t turn out to be anything they had to admit him for, but, another quick visit turned out to be a 3-hour visit and had worn him and all of us out. Needless to say, we were happy to be headed home Tuesday afternoon! 

  Tuesday night we made it home just in time to  say goodbye to our Associate Pastor Marcus and his family as he heads off to seminary in Florica. When Marcus first came to our church he lived with us and became like an uncle to all our kids. We are excited for them but definitely sad to see them go. 

Today, we celebrated because we didn’t have to go to the HOT Fresno for Brennen’s treatment!!! We only had to go to the clinic in San Luis Obispo and it only took 45 minutes. 🙂

Over the past couple weeks I have been teaching on Noah and the flood. One thing that has stood out to me was the patience of Noah waiting for God’s timing. He waited for the rain to begin, he waited for God to  shut the door, he waited for the rain to stop, he waited for the water to dry up. He waited in faith because he knew God would keep His promises. 

When I am waiting I can either worry or trust God’s timing. I often have my own plans and timing but I must remind myself that God is all-wise and all-powerful to accomplish His perfect plan in His perfect time. When I remember Who God is I can trust His plan because He is faithful and able.  

Late Night E.R. Trip

  Last night Brennen spiked a fever and the doctor wanted us to go to San Luis Obispo for a blood test around midnight. Brennen had been fighting a runny nose and cough for the last couple days but a fever came on and hit 101 causing us to need to call the doctor. 

The concern with fevers is that an infection can rapidly spread when their immune system is so compromised. They drew blood labs and the results showed his immune system was extremely tired from the past two weeks of heavy chemo. They decided to give him an antibiotic and allowed him and Jenny to go home about 5:00a. 

We were thankful he was able to be released! It was definitely a short night for the two of them but they wouldn’t miss Marcus (Associate Pastor) and Catherine’s last Sunday at our church today. After lunch we had to go back to the E.R. For another round of antibiotics. Hopefully there’s no more sign of fever tonight. 

Tomorrow we head back to Fresno for another round of chemo. This particular chemo is the one that can have a lot of side effects and they monitor him very closely. We would appreciate you praying for him as he receives the chemo tomorrow. His appointment is scheduled for 9:20a PST. 

Please pray the his body will strengthen and be able to fight off whatever is attacking his system. 

In the Thick of It






 Today we are in the middle of two weeks of busy treatment. In the course of 11 days Brennen will have 8 days of chemo. We are spending a lot of time on the road driving to and from appointments. It is nice that we are able to have a few of the treatments done in San Luis Obispo. 

In the midst of the busyness it has been good to have my parents with us. All the kids love having Grandpa and Grandma here. We took them to their first drive-in movie and on the 4th of July we had a great time watching the fireworks being shot off the pier in Cayucos. 

The heavy chemo has pulled Brennen’s immune system way down and, more than likely, his counts will get lower over the next week with more heavy chemo. As a result, we are having to be cautious about him being around groups of people because he could catch a virus or cold very easily. 

Today, like last Monday, he had chemo administered in his spine. To do it, they have to put him to sleep and he does not like the feeling of asleep. Knowing the procedure is coming tends to make him not sleep very well the night before. He usually has a hard time waking up after the procedure and we get some good laughs watching him wake up. 😴😀

We are thankful for your continued prayers for Brennen. God has been kind to provide continued strength and good health. Brennen continues to enjoy being able to ride his scooter, bike, swim, and play soccer through this. Please pray for our safety as we are doing a lot more driving this week again.