Late Night E.R. Trip

  Last night Brennen spiked a fever and the doctor wanted us to go to San Luis Obispo for a blood test around midnight. Brennen had been fighting a runny nose and cough for the last couple days but a fever came on and hit 101 causing us to need to call the doctor. 

The concern with fevers is that an infection can rapidly spread when their immune system is so compromised. They drew blood labs and the results showed his immune system was extremely tired from the past two weeks of heavy chemo. They decided to give him an antibiotic and allowed him and Jenny to go home about 5:00a. 

We were thankful he was able to be released! It was definitely a short night for the two of them but they wouldn’t miss Marcus (Associate Pastor) and Catherine’s last Sunday at our church today. After lunch we had to go back to the E.R. For another round of antibiotics. Hopefully there’s no more sign of fever tonight. 

Tomorrow we head back to Fresno for another round of chemo. This particular chemo is the one that can have a lot of side effects and they monitor him very closely. We would appreciate you praying for him as he receives the chemo tomorrow. His appointment is scheduled for 9:20a PST. 

Please pray the his body will strengthen and be able to fight off whatever is attacking his system. 


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The blessed husband of Jenny and Father of Isabella, Brennen, Eddie, Elijah, and Holden.

4 thoughts on “Late Night E.R. Trip”

  1. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. May the Lord hold you close and give you His strength, protection and peace.
    God bless your family,
    we love you.
    Dell & Cliff


  2. We will indeed pray with all that is in us. All the love we can muster. I just wish we could take some of the burden off you and Jenny’s shoulders …..

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