We Wait . . . But Have Fun Waiting!

Last Friday Brennen went into the clinic in San Luis Obispo for a blood test to determine if he was on schedule to start the next phase yesterday (7/27). Unfortunately, his counts needed to be 750 and he was only at 198. This wasn’t a huge surprise since his levels had been very low the previous Monday and the chemo continues to pull it down. Any number under 500 shows that he doesn’t really have an immune system and we have to be very careful where he is.

As a result of the low levels, the doctor told us to just plan on not going to Fresno and to have another blood test on Thursday (30th). We’ve had these “delays” previously and know it is God’s hand showing us that Brennen’s body just needs a bit more time to recover from the past treatments before receiving more. All we can do now is wait and try to keep him away from enclosed public places that germs like to hang out and also sick people. That means no trip to the Fair this year (we just won’t tell the kids). 😦

IMG_8399So, yesterday, instead of driving to Fresno we were able to celebrate Elijah’s 3rd birthday with a trip to the beach! Even Brennen’s low levels didn’t keep him from enjoying his boogie board in the surf. After a fun day all the kids slept very well!IMG_8512


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The blessed husband of Jenny and Father of Isabella, Brennen, Eddie, Elijah, and Holden.

2 thoughts on “We Wait . . . But Have Fun Waiting!”

  1. Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the updates. I so appreciate your positive attitude tho I know it’s not easy yet as believers we know God is sovereign and His love is boundless. I will continue to pray for Brennen and for all of you as you continue this journey of faith.

    Rose Hall >


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