An Exciting and Unexpected Delay

The word “delayed” is not usually what you want to hear when you are in the middle of treatments for cancer. Last Monday, February 1st, Brennen was to have his next round of chemo at Children’s Hospital in Milwaukee. As we were getting ready for bed the night before Jenny looked at me and said, “I think the baby is coming very soon.” After a short night’s sleep Jenny and I were not on our way to Children’s Hospital in Milwaukee but headed to a different hospital for Jenny to deliver our new baby girl!


IMG_1145AynsLeigh Dawn Law was born at 9:08a and weighing in at 9lb, 15oz and 22” long. She is well loved by all her siblings and we are settling into a new and fun phase of life. It’s been a while since we have seen pink baby clothes around our home!

Brennen is a wonderful big brother. He loves to hold her and rock her to sleep. If he had it his way, he would just hold her all day and not do his school work. 🙂

The doctors and staff at Children’s were excited when they called to reschedule Brennen’s treatment for this Monday (2/8). With AynsLeigh’s birth, Jenny decided to stay home with the kids and I just took Brennen up to Children’s. We had a fun drive through a snow storm to get there but we made it safely and his treatments went very smoothly.

IMG_1158As any proud Denver Bronco fan would do, Brennen wore his Payton Manning jersey to the hospital on Monday. Living here in Wisconsin it’s considered by many a mortal sin to not be a Green Bay Packer’s fan but we sure enjoyed being Bronco fans this year. Papa & Nana gave all the kids Carolina Panthers sweatshirts/jerseys for Christmas but we only rooted for the Broncos during the Super Bowl. All the doctors and nurses made comments about Brennen wearing his jersey and he loved telling them about the big game (even though he fell asleep with 5 minutes left in the game).

Brennen continues to stay very healthy and we are very thankful we don’t see any of the side effects that often accompany the chemo. His next treatment in on Leap Day (2/29) and he will only have a short chemo that day.

Thank you for continuing to pray for Brennen. It is only by God’s sovereign grace and kindness that Brennen remains strong during his treatment. Unless he has a relapse, we have 779 days left of treatment.