A Long Overdue Update

Isabella practicing her camera skills making sure to pose Brennen just right
“CHEESE!” (Wisconsin cheese that is)

We have been grateful that there hasn’t been much to update you on regarding Brennen’s health and treatment. We thank God for His kindness in providing amazing health and strength as Brennen continues His treatment. As you can see by the photos in this post Brennen is a very active 7-year old. He loves spending time playing ultimate frisbee and other sports with all the boys in our church.

Though there hasn’t been much to report I don’t want my silence to give the feeling we don’t need or appreciate your support and prayers. We believe that God has blessed us through your faithful prayers and our journey is anything but done. Brennen’s body is in a constant state of being compromised due to the chemotherapy and any infection could be a big hit to his body.

Brennen continues his treatment at Children’s Hospital in Milwaukee once a month and takes at least one medication each day at home. Since Brennen’s treatment last week was a shorter one Eddie was able to go into the hospital and see what happens. We want our other children to be involved and see the benefits for Brennen and them to be going through things together.

Recently, our local Costco was doing a fundraiser for Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. Brennen enjoyed telling them thanks when we were shopping there and seeing all the paper balloons on the wall that represented donations.

In just a couple weeks our entire family is doing a 3K walk in downtown Chicago for the Leukemia Research Foundation. The kids have enjoyed “practicing” for the walk around Williams Bay where we live.

Again, thank you for your continued support through your words of encouragement and prayer.