3 Years

This morning, as I was driving to Children’s Hospital in Milwaukee with Brennen and Eddie for Brennen’s treatment, I realized that it was three years ago today that we received word of his diagnosis.

I’ll never forget sitting in the room with Dr. Gates as he shared the results of Brennen’s labs. It was clear that his labs had turned for the worse and it would be clear that he had leukemia after another bone marrow biopsy.

We spent the following day with Mariano Friginal in Yosemite. He captured some amazing photos that will forever be some of our family favorites.

A lot has transpired over the past three years. In some ways, a lot has changed. We know more medical terms than we’d prefer to. The little boy that sat on that exam table is not so little any more. We’ve added another member of our family, and, oh, we have moved to Wisconsin. 🙂 In other ways, life has stood still. Much of our family’s life has been focused on making sure Brennen gets the care he needs. I am thankful for how his siblings have been such a support. They have traveled countless miles, sat countless hours in the van waiting, and even had the opportunity to join him in his treatments.

Through it all, we can testify that God has given us the strength to make it through each day. Many of the days have been good but there have been those days in which we have grieved over the physical state of Brennen. I am so grateful for the good health that Brennen has and we pray that he continues to stay cancer free for the rest of his life.

IMG_5978.JPGLord willing, we have 117 more days of treatment, 117 more doses of medications, 4 more weeks of steroids, 3 more regular clinic visits, 1 more spinal tap visit, and 1 surgery to have Brennen’s mediport removed.

Thank you for your prayers and support. Please continue to pray that Brennen stays cancer free and that there will be no long-term side effects of treatment.


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The blessed husband of Jenny and father of Isabella, Brennen, Eddie, Elijah, Holden, and AynsLeigh.

2 thoughts on “3 Years”

  1. Thankful to the Lord that Brennen is nearing the end of his illness. So many who have also walked this path have gone on to a normal life and we pray that will be Brennen’s story also. Thanks for letting us share in his journey by praying.

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