Christmas Letter: 2017

Law_101417-50.jpgNo, we are not going green by putting our letter online in trying to save paper. This happened because one of the kids so kindly stuffed all our Christmas cards in envelopes and decided to sealed them before the letter went in! 🙂 So, we thought we would just post it here for everyone to read.

This year brought far too much to put into a few words but we wanted to share just a couple highlights.

In February, we were able to got on Brennen’s Make-A-Wish cruise as a family. It was a wonderful time to spend as family and to set aside the realities of cancer treatments back home.

This Summer we had the opportunity to visit the life-sized Ark in Williamsburg, Kentucky. It is amazing to see the biblical dimensions brought to life. Answers in Genesis, the creators of the Ark Encounter, have created an amazing place to show and teach about the historical account of the biblical ark.

We had a couple chances to spend time with our extended family. There are a lot of miles that separate us but we love to take advantage of times we have to see them and enjoy making new memories.

Life in our family is usually full of activity. The four boys keep our home filled with youthful energy and busyness. We are thankful for having a big yard and long driveway for the kids to run, ride bikes, and play sports to work off some of that energy.

At Christmas we are reminded of the amazing birth of Jesus Christ, Immanuel (God with us).  He was not just a man, He was truly God come to earth

The question becomes, “Why did Jesus have to come?” It was because of sin breaking the perfect relationship between God and man God humbled Himself and left heaven to come in flesh to live and give His life as a payment for sin.

It is by grace through faith that we accept His gift of forgiveness by repenting (acknowledging and turning away) of our sin and following His lead in our lives.

It is for this cause that we give our lives to serve Him here in Wisconsin and wherever God has us. We pray that this Christmas you would receive the most amazing gift in the world has ever been given: God’s forgiveness.


Chris & Jenny – We are blessed to have been married 18 years. This year Chris celebrated his 40th birthday when Jenny put on a surprise party. Jenny homeschools the three oldest and finds time to decorate and create some beautiful projects.

Law_101417-32Isabella (13) – This Spring Isabella started her first garden and did an amazing job watering, weeding, and enjoying the huge harvest. She loves learning about gardening and hopes to have some chickens next year.

Brennen (9) – 
Brennen is willing to play any sport with any person who will join him. Lord willing, he has 3 more months of treatment and then will have to go back once a month for blood labs to ensure the leukemia hasn’t returned.

law_101417-28.jpgEddie (7) – Eddie is “Mr. Giggles.” His laugh is infectious and he genuinely cares about everyone he meets. He is often found striking up conversations with random people and he loves to hear their stories.

law_101417-24.jpgElijah (5) – Elijah marches at the beat of his own drum. Sometimes that is slow. Sometimes it is fast. He often has a serious face on but when he smiles, he lights up the room. There’s not a tractor or truck that he doesn’t’ want to play with.

law_101417-25.jpgHolden (4) – Holden keeps the family laughing with his funny faces and comments. He is always trying to keep up with his big brothers on their bikes or climbing trees.

law_101417-34.jpgAynsLeigh (22 months) – She has her big brothers and sister wrapped around her finger. There’s hardly a moment when one of them isn’t wanting to play with her or carry her around.


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The blessed husband of Jenny and father of Isabella, Brennen, Eddie, Elijah, Holden, and AynsLeigh.

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  1. Thankful you had to post!! Love reading about your family. Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year! Rose Hall

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