. . . 2,190 . . .

In some ways the memories are clearly embedded in my mind as if it was just yesterday. In other ways the memories are distant due to the passing of time.

Six years ago today I sat in the emergency room in San Luis Obispo, CA with six year Brennen. We went in because his skin color looked off and was struggling with unusual fatigue. His blood labs came back critical and he was in need of a blood transfusion. Little did we know all that the Lord had in store for us in next years in the battle against leukemia.

Just two weeks ago I sat in another hospital room with Brennen in Milwaukee, WI. This time he was receiving his “survivor” charm to go with his beads that represent his treatment. The little boy has grown into a strong young man. Double the age, double the size. He sat there listening and answering the nurses, doctor, and specialists questions. The verdict: he’s thriving! Doing well enough that he walked the 21 mile path around Lake Geneva without a second thought.

We praise and thank God for the grace he has given us each day. God would have been good whatever the outcome had been but we thank Him for the amazing health Brennen has. We praise God for all the doctors and nurses who have served Brennen. We continue to pray that there will be no long term side effects from the toxic drugs that were used to kill the leukemia.

Having gone through leukemia treatment we have learned that medicine and doctors are a wonderful gift from God. While those are good things our our hope must ultimately be in the all-mighty sovereign God Who holds all things in His hands.

Thank you to each of you who have continued to pray and check in on Brennen. We are grateful for your love.