Tests and More Tests

We’ve always known that Brennen is a very special kid. In each parent’s eyes all of their kids are special. Today we received the reports of the bone marrow biopsy and Brennen is definitely special because we’re looking at a very rare case here. The doctors are not exactly sure what it is at this time but it’s one of those more rare bone marrow issues. Since his bone marrow isn’t working he is very susceptible to getting sick because he has no immune system. We’ve been told that if Brennen doesn’t spike a fever in the next day we will be able to leave the hospital and stay local but they will continue to do testing and have sent the samples to other specialists to help with the diagnosis.

The Lord is gracious to order all of our steps and we are very thankful for each one of your prayers. It looks like there’s a long road ahead but we are thankful that the Lord is already prepared our path for us. We will trust him and walk by faith and not by sight.


A Trip to the E.R.

Our whole family had been battling some sickness for a couple weeks and Brennen was not seeming to shake it like the rest of us. His color seemed to be changing and he was very tired (not usual for a 6-year old boy).

We ended up taking him into the E.R. in San Luis Obispo and they ran a blood test. Immediately the doctor told me that they wanted to transfer him to a children’s hospital that could help us better. They were very concerned about his blood levels and said they thought he had leukemia.

A couple hours later we were on an ambulance headed for Valley Children’s Hospital by Fresno (3 hours away).

The “Scary Adventure”

This blog is intended to share updates on Brennen’s journey with family and friends so as to better help them know how to be praying for him.

When beginning this journey Brennen said, “I’m starting my scary adventure.” Though it is scary and there are a lot of unknowns, we do know the God who formed Brennen in Jenny’s womb and know that He is in complete control over everything that happens in our lives.

Our prayer is that God would be glorified through this journey that He has placed us on.